The Norwegian-Brazilian Business and Science Week

Attend events throughout Brazil from 31st October - 13th November 2017

Brazil is one of the most relevant export markets for the Norwegian industry with more than 100 Norwegian companies established in the country with activities in various sectors and technology areas. Furthermore 6 out of 10 of Norway´s biggest companies have significant presence in Brazil spread throughout the country. As part of its strategy to strengthen the cooperation between both countries main stakeholders have joined forces to organize the 1st Norwegian-Brazilian Business and Science Week in November 2017.

The idea is to create an umbrella for several events that seek to emphasize and strengthen successful cooperation on various levels between both countries. Moreover the creation of a meeting place of high-level decision makers from both Norway and Brazil is envisaged, while also creating an arena where Norwegian SME’s can actively engage with business partners, clients and technology leaders. It is also planned to bring together discussions about supply chain development, R&D and political framework.

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