DeepSea Project Experience and Prospects


Thursday, 9th Nov 2017 Start Time: 13:40
End Time: 14:00



Claudia Erber

Marine BiologistRunde MiljøSenter

Biologist, Msc. and MBA in Environmental Science. Developed her expertise in bioacoustics of cetaceans. Has extensive experience in projects related to environmental impact of energy industry on the marine environment, from the preparation of reports to Control Environmental Impact Assessment to the implementation of projects onboard ships and rigs. Participating in cetacean research projects since 1996 and the Project Monitoring Marine Biota in vessels, got solid experience of cetaceans and sea turtles. Managed two Beaches Monitoring Projects, integrating development, environment and fishing communities. Develops, since 2002, Waste Management and Environmental Education through offshore. Coordinated Environmental Projects on board seismic vessels. Create the Environment Technician Course for offshore employers and work with Emergency Plans for Oil Industry. Always presented her practical experience to academy. At Runde Miljøsenter is studying the deep-sea life onboard subsea vessels during O&G operations. In 2016 started to develop an unique bilateral cooperation within research and development, including industry involvement, with Brazil and Norway. The DeepSea Environmental Monitoring Cluster is committed to solve climate and deep-sea environmental monitoring challenges, create value across existing industries and sectoral structure, such as oil and gas industry and subsea fleet. The DSEM Cluster will become a driving force to increase innovation speed for the deep-sea environment monitoring through the cooperation with universities and technology research institutes in Brazil and Norway.


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