November Conference 2014

The first november conference was held in 2013 as a SINOS alliance event. During the event, it was signed the BN21 agreement which triggered R&D and Innovation activity between the Norway and Brazil. As consequence of several high level visits to Brazil, the president of BNDES offered to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy to host a mobilization event in Rio de Janeiro to support a joint call between FINEP and The Research Council of Norway.

In 2014, it was organized the second November Conference. As the first conference, the 2014 conference was considered a success and developed further joint efforts, with a wider Brazilian presence and number of stakeholder. During the conference, it was signed additional agreements between FINEP and the Research Council of Norway and between FINEP and Innovation Norway. As representatives of the Norwegian side to sign the agreements, the event welcomed Innovation Norway’s CEO, Anita Krohn Traaseth and Director of The Research Council of Norway, Siri Helle Friedemann. The first day was mainly focused on presentations by institutional level, Brazilian and Norwegian Universities and research institutions. The second day was marked by the signing of agreements between Norway and Brazil, some insights on the potential technological transfers between the two countries and dedicated parallel sessions of selected technological areas. The event was attended by 170 people from ministries, public and private institutions, universites, research centers and companies.