November Conference 2016

The 4th November Conference held in 2016 was organized by Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway, FINEP and CBPF (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas FĂ­sicas). In addition, the conference was supported by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, The Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro and the Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia. It had 140 participants with a good mix of public and private institutions, universities, research centers and companies.

The conference addressed two fundamental challenges that Norwegian and Brazilian oil & gas industry were facing. One short term and one long term. On the short term the O&G industry must adapt to the current low oil & gas prices in the market. The long-term issue is related to the future low carbon world. It also continued discussions on relevant topics on how to jointly meet the joint R&D challenges.

Norway and Brazil share the view that the answer to the challenges outlined above is to intensify research and development of new technology to speed up innovation to adapt to the current and future challenges. To achieve that, close collaboration between the two countries on research and development seems natural.